A Guide to Picking Colours and Patterns for Your Furnishings

There are an abundance of fabrics out there and this can be quite daunting. We are now in one of my favourite times of the year as fabric houses launch their new Autumn collections.
Here are three of my top tips for picking colours and patterns for your furnishings.

Choose a colour palette:

A colour palette is a set of colours that work well together in similar and contrasting tones. A warm palette may use shades of warm red and orange, a cool colour palette may include icy blues and greys.

I like to use three or so different colours and vary the tones of each. I use the word “colour” loosely as neutrals would fall into this too. With so many fabulous fabric colours, textures and patterns available it can be a challenge, but think about longevity of use. A colour can significantly change the atmosphere of a room think about how you will use the space.

Using pattern:

Patterns add depth and interest wherever they are used and are a must in every room for me. However, I am cautious with pattern, to ensure that it blends in seamlessly rather than dominating the room. When using more than one pattern in a scheme, mix up the pattern scale and design – create layers.


There is no rule, but I personally enjoy patterned curtains and roman blinds with relatively plain but textured fabrics on large seating furniture. Then the fun can be had with scatter cushions and smaller pieces of furniture like footstools and occasional chairs. The benefit here is smaller furnishings can be changed to updated a scheme and are far less expensive to do so.

Be adventurous and experimental especially with scatter cushions, try contrast piping and trimmings, mixing textures and add a dash of pattern.

Image Credit: The Fable Collection by Linwood.

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