Creating Timeless Interiors in Modern Homes

Timeless is a design style that stays away from trends that are too “now” but are honest with a relaxed feel – a space allowed to breath. Interiors that have evolved over time and reflect individuality and the personality of the people who live there.

Listed below are some of my suggestions to help you create your own timeless interior:

Collected – visiting reclamation yards, antique shops, collector’s fairs and arts & craft, are great places for sourcing unique and original pieces. From old armchairs that can be upholstered in modern fabrics to lighting, mirrors and wooden furniture that could be painted. Vintage memorabilia, ornaments and artwork will provide a curated touch to modern interiors that tell stories.

Selfridges tailor’s mannequin

Layered – use a mix of textures, linen, wool, velvet, glass, ceramic, wood, metals and stone. These are all natural materials that are used in so many creative applications and all sit harmoniously together. They provide depth to the senses, whether designing a kitchen or your living room, all these materials have their place and can be applied, from work tops, bespoke curtains to mirrored walls and wool upholstered seating.

Linen and velvet upholstered antique chair

Interests – be proud of your interests and hobbies and showcase some of your favourite pieces. You’ll be amazed at how these can become conversational and attract attention, but importantly make your interior, personal to you.

Photography at The Goodwood Revival

Well Appointed – If budgets allow, invest in something of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. This could be an artisan lamp from Porto Romana, glassware or furniture from the world-renowned designer Nina Campbell, perhaps commission a cabinet maker to design and produce for you the most unique one off piece of furniture.

Porto Romana Giraffe Lamp

Design is so personal and ultimately, I hope to create spaces that reflect the people and families that inhabit them.

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