5 Ways to Make The Most of Your Interior Designer

The relationship you have with your interior designer can make or break the outcome of your project. That said inviting someone into your personal space and sharing your ideas with them can be extremely daunting. Here are 5 ways to help you make the most of your interior designer to make sure your end results are everything you had hoped for.

Like any relationship a successful client and interior designer relationship is based on shared value and input.

Be honest and open:

Honesty and openness are key requirements from both client and designer to enable a relationship of trust. The design experience should be enjoyable for both parties thus providing the best finished results.

A sense of what it is you would like to achieve:

Many people may have an idea of what they are looking to achieve from their designer. However, we all perceive and understand instructions differently. The product choice nowadays is immense and endless therefore I would advise providing some background information in the form of images or a Pinterest board.

Ask for Design boards :

I love creating Design boards for my clients and find their reactions very pleasing. This is a fantastic tactile tool for everyone to engage with. It doesn’t mean that you have to like or accept the scheme on the board. It’s just an overall style to see if the designer is understanding their client’s brief and if the client likes the designers thought process towards their project.

Maintain good communication :

The client designer relationship is very important to maintain throughout the project. Both should be able to share opinions and ideas with each other, this will save time and create a realistic lead time for the project completion.

Treat your designer with mutual respect :

Designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience, being specialists in their profession. We are passionate about design and want every project we complete to be the best. The more we enjoy the best we will deliver.

Like any relationship a successful client and interior designer relationship is based on shared value and input. Remember your interior designer is a professional and should put you at ease, guiding you through the processes. Ultimately our aim is to help your dream become a reality.

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